Chenille Coral Fleece Pet Drying Glove - 2-Pack

The Hertzko 2-Pack Ultra Absorbent Chenille Coral Fleece Towel Mitt is ultra absorbent and great for drying your pet’s fur fast after a bath. Works great on cats, dogs, and small animals. It’s made with thick chenille coral fleece on both sides. It’s ultra-absorbent and can actually absorb seven times its weight in water! The elastic wristbands keeps it secure on any size hand and the 2-Pack gives you a glove for each hand. Machine washable.
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Great for All: Hertzko's 2 Pack Ultra Absorbent Pet Drying Towel Glove is Great for Drying Dog or Cat Fur after Bath.

Our Pet Towel Gloves are manufactured with thick chenille coral fleece material which is ultra-absorbent! Our drying gloves absorb seven times their weight in water!

Our Pet Drying Gloves makes drying your pet hair a lot faster and easier. After bathing your pet, Instead of a towel; simply slip on the Hertzko Drying Glove and dry your pet’s fur from head to tail. Your Pet will love being massaged and dried with our Towel Glove!

What is your risk? Nothing. If our Pet Towel Glove is not everything that we say it is, and you're not completely satisfied with it within 30 days of purchase; we will refund every penny of your money, straight away.

Get the Hertzko Pet Drying Towel Glove today and you will not regret investing in high quality products.
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