Deshedding Tools

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  1. 3 in 1 Combo
    3 in 1 Combo

    Pet Deshedding , Detangling, & Combing Tool

  2. Comb & Deshedding Tool 2-in-1
    Comb & Deshedding Tool 2-in-1
    The Hertzko Dog & Cat Comb and Deshedding Tool is a 2-in-1 grooming tool that works as both a de-fur
  3. Deshedding Tool
    Deshedding Tool

    The Hertzko Pet Deshedding Tool gently removes shed hair and works great on dogs and cats of all

  4. Deshedding Tool Blade
    Deshedding Tool Blade
    The Hertzko Deshedding Tool Blade is the perfect tool for removing dead hair and drastically reduces
  5. Mat Remover Grooming Comb
    Mat Remover Grooming Comb
    Our Mat Remover Grooming Comb is suitable for dogs, cats, and small animals of any fur length. It?
  6. Self Cleaning Deshedding Comb
    Self Cleaning Deshedding Comb
    The Hertzko Self Cleaning Deshedding Comb drastically reduces shedding by up to 95% and is perfect f
  7. Straight Blade Deshedding tool
    Straight Blade Deshedding tool

    Reduces Shedding up to 95% by Gently Removing Loose Undercoat

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