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  1.  Pet Grooming Scissors Set
    Pet Grooming Scissors Set
    The Hertzko Pet Grooming Scissors Set includes serrated blade scissors for facial hair trimming PLUS
  2. Bristle Brush
    Bristle Brush
    The Hertzko Bristle Brush is ideal for everyday brushing and fur fluffing. The dense bristles remov
  3. Chenille Coral Fleece Pet Drying Glove - 2-Pack
    Chenille Coral Fleece Pet Drying Glove - 2-Pack
    The Hertzko 2-Pack Ultra Absorbent Chenille Coral Fleece Towel Mitt is ultra absorbent and great for
  4. Comb & Deshedding Tool 2-in-1
    Comb & Deshedding Tool 2-in-1
    The Hertzko Dog & Cat Comb and Deshedding Tool is a 2-in-1 grooming tool that works as both a de-fur
  5. Deshedding Tool
    Deshedding Tool

    The Hertzko Pet Deshedding Tool gently removes shed hair and works great on dogs and cats of all

  6. Deshedding Tool Blade
    Deshedding Tool Blade
    The Hertzko Deshedding Tool Blade is the perfect tool for removing dead hair and drastically reduces
  7. Dog & Cat Brush
    Dog & Cat Brush
    The Hertzko Dog Brush and Cat Brush is great for small, medium, and large dogs and cats of any hair
  8. Dog Running Waist Leash
    Dog Running Waist Leash
    The Hertzko Dog Running Waist Leash is weather resistant and makes walking, running, or hiking with
  9. Double Row of Teeth Flea Comb
    Double Row of Teeth Flea Comb

    The Hertzko Flea Comb with Double Row of Teeth features 2 rows of closely spaced metal pins that

Set Descending Direction